Moyra Bannister (m. 1955–2018)

The history of the mile run event began in England, an impossible tale—Roger Bannister became a legend, first sub-4 minute mile a symbol of human achievement.

OneMile.Run, it is short and punchy.

OneMile.Run® is a global IP that embodies the timeless distance of one mile and the cultural significance it holds. The brand is dedicated to promoting sports participation, aesthetic enhancement, and personal growth, offering a diverse range of products and services that cater to a wide audience. These include medal display ideas, design services such as race medal and bib design, as well as event-related services. OneMile.Run® is committed to expanding its global presence and reach, with plans to enter the European, American, and Australian markets by 2025, as well as participate in major running events.

As a sports and culture IP, OneMile.Run® presents an idealistic and artistic vision that encourages individuals to discover their potential and strive for personal growth. With the right balance of tension and excitement, the brand empowers people to face challenges head-on and showcase their accomplishments to the world. So why keep your achievements hidden away in a closet? With OneMile.Run®, you can proudly display your achievements and let your stars shine bright for all to see.

About OneMile.Run Design

Medal, meant more than just an inanimate piece of metal, such a profound experience and unbelievable to witness with all the highs, the lows and such heightened emotion. We design and made pieces that everyone would be proud to attach a medal, while also being a unique piece of art.

OneMile.Run® designs will be displayed solely through our official website and during the main events all over the world. By company choice, parts of the profits from each piece will be donated towards charitable projects.

Don't confine your medals in your wardrobe. You have worked so hard to attain that medal, always remember your achievements and display them with pride!

The OneMile.Run® story

OneMile.Run was established as a conceptual label in London n Beijing with a big ambition: hope to make art available to a wider public. — but we’re more than just that. We believe that everyone able to build the strength to push ourselves in all aspects of life.

Motivated by the certainty that setting out to innovate new ways to answer the ever-evolving needs of the modern world — OneMile.Run pays attention to the small moments that make up our lives.

In doing so, our works span the realms of furniture and accessories, and they are always flexible and adaptable, versatile and varied.

Since the beginning, we strive to minimise our footstep on the planet while making durable works that we hope will live with you for a long time.

And there's no finish line in sight..